Giving at LBC


Why We Give

Our ministry is based on the free-will giving, often called tithing the Bible, of the members of Littleton Baptist Church. We have an aggressive mission giving program. Nearly 15% of all that is given in our offering plate is given to missions. Giving to those who minister to those who are suffering and lost is the heart-beat of Littleton Baptist Church. We are very careful in investing every dollar given for God’s glory and the furtherance of Christ’s Kingdom both in the Denver area and around the world. We value every dollar and never waste gifts that are given from a sacrificial heart.  Your support through tithes and giving above the tithe enables us to be a part of God’s plan for the ages. Thank you for giving to God’s Kingdom through Littleton Baptist Church!

Ways to Give

In Person

Give in person during our Sunday morning or afternoon worship services.


Make a single donation or schedule an on-going gift online.  It’s easy, quick, and secure.

Give Today


Mail your gift to:
Littleton Baptist Church
1400 W. Caley Ave.
Littleton, CO 80120


Making an Impact


When you give, Littleton Baptist is able to meet the needs of our community. Whether its supplying food banks, supporting a missionary or helping those in a tough situation, your tithes and offerings directly impact lives in the greater Denver area.


Your giving allows us to support missionaries across the world including Kenya Moldova, Spain, Argentia, Brazil, Thailand and many more.  Your gifts help spread the good news of Jesus Christ to every nation and transform lives.

Give Today