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Next Steps to Get Connected

Whether you are interested in learning more about Jesus for the first time, or diving deeper into church connection, we would love to help you take a step to grow in faith.  Learn more about the next steps you can take at LBC.

Say Yes

Say Yes to Jesus

Knowing Jesus Christ means not just knowing about Christ, but having placed your faith and trust in His finished work on the cross. Where will you spend eternity? The Bible can provide you the assurance that you can be in Heaven with God and with His people forever. You can know Jesus now by acknowledging your sin, believing in His death, burial and resurrection, and confessing Him as your Lord and Savior.

» God’s Bridge to Eternal Life (ENGLISH) 
» God’s Bridge to Eternal Life (SPANISH)

I Said Yes to Jesus

Family Lunch and Discipleship

Every week Littleton Baptist Church lives out its identity as “One Family in Christ” by eating the Sunday noon meal together. Once per month it is a potluck where every family brings enough for themselves and to share, but the other weeks are a variety of light lunches like sub sandwiches, pizza, chicken, etc. We eat and fellowship together as a church every week. To those who attend the morning service it is free as the tithes and offerings of the church purchase the food. Immediately after the lunch we will have a time of church-wide prayer, one week. Then another week we will have a discussion of the morning message. Another week we will sing favorites of the church and give testimonies of God’s goodness. Possibly on another week we might take a theme like discipleship or counseling or soul-winning or financial stewardship or child-rearing and spend time discussing that topic. This church-wide lunch and time of informal instruction and singing and questions and answers is vital to our church being a true family. It is one of the favorite parts of the church-life at Littleton Baptist Church.

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We are regularly adding new members to our congregation. Steps for membership include:

1. Present yourself for membership to the Pastor.
2. Give a testimony of salvation and baptism by immersion after salvation to the deacons.
3. Go through New Members material with Pastor Mike.
4. Vote of Littleton Baptist Church to receive you.

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If an individual desires to follow Jesus Christ in baptism, he/she may request of the Pastor or deacon a willingness to follow Jesus’ example and be baptized.  The individual will then be asked to relate their testimony of receiving Christ as their Savior. They will then be instructed on the meaning and mode of biblical baptism. If they agree, the church will be happy to be the witness as they are baptized by our Pastor.

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Serving Opportunities

We have many serving opportunities that exist on Sundays and all through the week including: kids ministry, nursery, food pantry, guest services, campus safety and music. Please contact us to learn more about how you can get involved.

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