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What to Expect

When you visit Littleton Baptist Church, you will find a friendly, warm family. Our focus and motivation is the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We want you to feel comfortable and accepted, no matter what your background. Our heart is to follow Jesus’ example, and not look at the outward appearance, but seek to look at the heart. As a body of believers, we seek to serve our Lord and serve each other and our community. It is our desire to reflect Christ across generational and cultural lines.

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Parking and Service Times

LBC Parking

Visitor Parking

Visitor Parking is clearly identified right in front of the main doors to the church. As you enter you will be greeted by a friendly smile at our information booth where people will greet you and answer any question you might have.

Worship at LBC

Service Times

Sunday School – 9:15 AM MST
Morning Worship – 10:15 AM MST
Fellowship Lunch – 11:45 AM MST
Afternoon Worship – 12:30 PM MST
Wed. Prayer (Zoom) – 7 PM MST

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1400 W. Caley Ave.
Littleton, CO 80120

We are between Prince and Broadway in a residential section of old Littleton. For a larger map and directions, please click here.


What’s a Service Like?

At 9:15 AM, our Adult Bible Fellowship and Children’s Sunday School meet. These classes are geared to age groups, especially for the younger children. They are taught Bible stories and songs. They are also given activities to help them remember the stories. The Adults meet in the auditorium for a time of practical teaching from Pastor Mike. The normal process is to teach through Old Testament books at this time or to take certain themes like a Christian’s view of stewardship or evangelism or parenting skills. A time for prayer requests and prayer as well as fellowship exists during this time.

Our morning service begins at 10:15 with a combination of hymns and newer choruses. The Word of God is central at Littleton Baptist Church and Pastor Mike normally teaches paragraph by paragraph through the text of Scripture on Sunday morning. He may take a theme during the year, but his normal pattern is to take an Old Testament book in the Adult Bible Fellowship hour and a New Testament book during the worship service and teach through them. He explains the history, the grammar and how that applies to 21st century Americans in a style that is geared to challenge, refresh, and encourage the listener. He preaches so that those who do not know Christ will find Him and those who do know Him will be encouraged, convicted, and further their relationship with Christ all through the same sermon. The preaching is practical for all ages and applicable to all lives.

There will also be prayer, a time for giving, and announcements. We do communion many times throughout the year. The service is typically 1 hour and 15 minutes long.


Where do my kids go?

LBC provides families with a safe and caring age-appropriate environment for kids where they can learn the truths of God’s Word. We offer Sunday school at 9:15 AM and a kids program during the 10:15 worship service.  Each of our children’s workers have undergone extensive background checks and training. Our nursery is fully staffed for each service for infants through 2 years old. Our Kids program is for children ages 2 years old to 4th grade.

If this is your first time, please arrive a few minutes early before the service to register. Registering your children helps to ensure child safety and gives us a way to contact you during the service if you are needed. We will be ready to greet you, check your kids in, and give you a tour of our LBC Kids area if you’d like one.


Commonly Asked Questions

You can dress comfortably when you worship with us. You will see some people in suits, ties and dresses, and then will meet others who are dressed much more casually. You don’t have to have a special wardrobe to fit in.

We do not expect our guests to give. Our ministry and missions are supported by the tithes of our members. You will be our honored guest and we would not expect for you to give. Our desire is to give to you and in worshipping with us, you will be refreshed for your week.

We never want to embarrass anyone, but we always want to give our guests a gift. We never ask a guest to speak out during a service, but you will find our congregation is very warm and family oriented. Expect to have our members talk to you and become your friend during your visit. You may be invited to share a simple lunch with us as we eat together each week and then have a short afternoon service right after lunch. You are not obligated to come to lunch, but it is free and we would love to have you!

You are welcome to sit anywhere!  Our ushers can help you find the perfect spot.

Our morning service begins at 10:15 and is a combination of hymns and newer choruses. We enjoy singing music from different eras of the Christian experience. The themes of the lyrics are the same, but often the music crosses generations in order to bring unity to the body of Christ. We have various musical instruments that accompany the worship service.
You’re welcome to bring a Bible, but you’re not expected to. Some of our members bring Bibles while others might use their BIble app on their phone. We also share verses from the message up on the screen.

After the morning service we have a fellowship lunch and then at 12:30 you are welcome to stay and enjoy an informal service with prayer, singing, and often a review of the Sunday morning message with a great deal of interaction from the congregation. Pastor Mike will often put a series of questions in the bulletin for people to consider during the message that will be discussed in the afternoon service. This way the congregation can ask questions and listen to responses from Pastor Mike. This style is one of the best for retaining and applying the Word of God.

Feel welcome to walk right up! If you have any questions, you can chat with Pastor Mike or we have greeters to help guests get connected or find out more.


Come Back and Connect

It is our hope that Littleon Baptist Church becomes your home church. If you’d like more information, please contact us by clicking the button below.